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                                              RAILWAY SERVICES

                                              Advanced Air Transportation Supply Chain Management System

                                              Railway Services

                                              The freight service, a crucial part of the?Belt and Road?Initiative, began operation in March 2011.?

                                              For the past years, trains have rumbled along the route, taking garments, auto parts, chemicals and other Chinese goods to European consumers, while bringing back European food, machinery, equipment and timber.

                                              The trains connect 59 Chinese cities with 49 cities in 15 European countries.?And it will connect more cities and countries when the time passes by. Freight traffic has been more balanced, with the number of trips from Europe to China accounting for 72 percent of trips, up from 53 percent in 2017.?

                                              China-Europe freight trains made 6,363 trips in 2018, surging 73 percent from 2017, according to the China Railway Corporation.?


                                              China Railway FCL/LCL to Europe


                                              China Railway FCL/LCL to Russia


                                              China Railway FCL/LCL to Asia

                                              Warehousing Distribution Value-added Services

                                              Storage tally

                                              The warehouse has sufficient storage space, and a commissioner is responsible for cargo cleaning and stacking to improve business efficiency.

                                              Cargo distribution

                                              Sorting personnel are skilled and can use corresponding packing boxes for different types of goods to ensure that the goods are undamaged.

                                              Stowage transportation

                                              Transportation routes cover many areas, meet the distribution needs of customers in different regions, and enhance door-to-door one-stop transport services.

                                              Cold and heat control

                                              Intelligent temperature control equipment, according to the different characteristics of warehousing products, set up appropriate temperature and humidity.

                                              Service process

                                              Warehouse receipt


                                              Cargo handling




                                              Air freight pick up


                                              Classified storage


                                              Getting deposit receipt


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