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                                              Export/Import SERVICES

                                              Advanced Air Transportation Supply Chain Management System

                                              Export/import Services

                                              Import Custom agency services

                                              Export Custom agency services

                                              Customs Consultation

                                              Bonded Warehouse import/export Custom Agency Services

                                              Private Goods Clearance Services


                                              Import/Export Services refers to the formalities that should be performed in accordance with various laws, regulations and regulations when importing or exporting goods into and out of a country's customs territory.

                                              Customs clearance can only be released after the fulfillment of various obligations, customs clearance, inspection, taxation, release, etc., and the owner or the applicant can pick up the goods. Similarly, all kinds of means of transport carrying goods for import and export, such as entering or leaving or transshipment, must also be declared to the customs, go through customs formalities, and obtain permission from the customs. During the customs clearance period, whether it is import, export or transshipment, it is under the supervision of the customs and is not allowed to circulate freely.

                                              Our company provides professional customs brokerage services. Our professional customs brokers provide customers with customs declaration, customs clearance, inspection and other agency services for import and export goods and charge various related customs procedures.

                                              Acting clients to handle customs declaration and inspection services for import and export;
                                              Provide customs declaration, inspection business consulting services and customs clearance solutions
                                              Import and export qualifications, import and export licenses and procedures for improvement
                                              Business advantage
                                              Quick document production and delivery
                                              High-quality customs declaration personnel
                                              Fast clearance speed
                                              Certificates that can be handled include general certificate of origin CO, GSP certificate of origin FormA, ASEAN certificate of origin FormE, Chilean certificate of origin FormF, Asia-Pacific certificate of origin FormM, Peruvian certificate of origin FORM R, charge d'affaires card certificate, (Note: various certificates It is certified by all ports in the world, international business certificates, and embassies.
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                                              Classified storage


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