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                                              Goodbye, provincial toll station!
                                              Published: 2019-6-5 15:00:32Author:SmartransRead:
                                              On May 28, the Ministry of Transport announced that 30 provinces have formulated specific implementation plans after the State Council made it clear that by the end of 2019, provincial toll stations for expressways across the country would be basically abolished and speedy tolls would be realized without stopping. Fourteen provinces have submitted the implementation plan to the provincial people's government for consideration.
                                              In the implementation scheme, besides the hardware and software modification of settlement system and toll station, the popularization of ETC is the most important.
                                              ETC handles quickly and conveniently, and has many preferential applications for the first time.
                                              Compared with traditional toll collection methods, ETC electronic toll collection system greatly improves the efficiency of expressway traffic and saves the time cost of vehicle traffic. More and more car owners install ETC equipment for vehicles. So, what are the specific procedures for the application and installation of ETC equipment?
                                              It is understood that dealing with ETC can be carried out in off-line business outlets of the bank. The owner needs to carry his identity card, fill in the contract for the use of express joint name card, and fill in a credit card application form. After submitting the application to the bank counter, he can get the ETC vehicle label and the bonded credit card as soon as one week later. After activating the credit card, the user can go to the designated one-stop network or ETC Express Company for installation.
                                              Wang Chao, Bank of China Beijing Branch related business personnel: This product application is actually relatively simple, it is the same as ordinary credit card products. When applying for this ETC credit card, additional driving permits should be provided.

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