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                                              Advanced Air Transportation Supply Chain Management System

                                              Optimizing the Way of Freight Traffic Toll Accounting
                                              Published: 2019-6-5 15:00:43Author:SmartransRead:
                                              The meeting determined that the first is to improve the level of modernization of expressways in China, promote electronic non-stop toll collection system, and strive to achieve universal use of vehicles at the national highway entrance by the end of the year. Relevant departments should cooperate and optimize services to facilitate the people to install the non-stop toll collection system nearer, more convenient and free of charge.
                                              The second is to optimize the charging mode of freight car toll without increasing the overall burden of freight car toll. Closed highway toll station entrance is weighed synchronously without stopping to prevent overloading.
                                              Third, explore experience, improve relevant systems and policies, and promote the revision of laws and regulations. Support facility and system transformation. Optimize the policy of "green passage" for fresh agricultural products transportation. To study and unify traffic management policies for dangerous chemicals transport vehicles.
                                              The meeting stressed that we should properly divert and resettle toll collectors so that they can be transferred from their posts to their posts.
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