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                                              Oil prices rose for the sixth time in the year, and a tank of oil cost about 6.5 yuan more.
                                              Published: 2019-6-5 15:01:03Author:SmartransRead:
                                              Since the beginning of 2019, there have been seven price adjustments for domestic refined oil products: five price increases, one price reduction (due to the reduction of VAT tax rate on March 31), and one time grounding. At present, the cumulative increase of gasoline and diesel is 525 yuan/ton.
                                              What is the reason for such a crazy rise in oil prices? Brent crude oil has returned to above $70 as early as the previous 3 days. Domestic oil prices have been raised for a whole quarter. Seven price adjustments have been made six times. Not only production cuts dominate the market, but also politics, war and economy will influence the rise and fall of oil prices.
                                              According to the relevant agencies, during the adjustment process, it is expected that gasoline and diesel will rise to 154 yuan/ton, 0.13 yuan/liter and 0.12 yuan/liter for No. 0 diesel and No. 92 gasoline.
                                              If the oil price rises this time, after the price adjustment, the price adjustment Bureau in 2019 will become "six rises, one fall and one strand". The next round of price adjustment window will open at 24:00 on April 26, 2019. At present, the price of international crude oil market is stable. It is expected that the next round of price adjustment of refined oil will still have the possibility of a small increase.

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