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                                              Focus on the CPPCC and CPPCC | Railway, Highway and Waterway Transport Planned
                                              Published: 2019-6-11 9:58:09Author:SmartransRead:
                                              This year's economic and social development tasks are heavy, challenging and demanding. On March 5, Premier Li Ke of the State Council, when forcing a report on the work of the government, pointed out that we should highlight the key points and grasp the key points. The current 10% tax rate of transportation industry will be reduced to 9%, tax reduction and fee reduction will directly hit the pain points and difficulties of the current market main body; within two years, the national highway toll collection stations at provincial boundaries will be basically abolished in order to reform and promote the reduction of enterprise-related fees; the national development strategy will be closely followed, and a number of key projects will be accelerated. This year, 800 billion yuan of railway investment and 18 trillion yuan of highway and waterway investment will be completed... In the government work report, many tasks require the transportation industry to "work creatively in combination with reality".
                                              Transportation tax rate dropped to 9%.
                                              2.15 trillion yuan of local government special debt to support key projects
                                              Tax reduction and fee reduction are fair and efficient policies. The report on the work of the government proposes to implement greater tax cuts. Deepening the reform of value-added tax will reduce the current 16% tax rate in manufacturing and other industries to 13%, and the current 10% tax rate in transportation and construction industries to 9%, so as to ensure that the tax burden of major industries will be significantly reduced.
                                              In terms of effectively playing the role of local government bonds, this year we plan to arrange local government special bonds of 2.15 trillion yuan, an increase of 800 billion yuan over last year, to provide financial support for key projects, and to create conditions for better prevention and resolution of local government debt risks. Reasonably expand the scope of special bonds. Continue to issue a certain number of local government replacement bonds to reduce the burden of local interest. We should encourage the adoption of market-oriented approaches to properly solve the problem of matured debt of financing platforms, instead of conducting "half-pull" projects.
                                              Deepening the Reform of Toll Highway System
                                              Shorten the Approval Time of the Whole Process of Engineering Construction
                                              There are hundreds of millions of market players in China. Keeping and promoting the activity of market players is the key to promoting stable economic growth. The government work report proposes a package of measures to stimulate the vitality of market players and optimize the business environment, including reforms to promote the reduction of fees for enterprises involved.
                                              This year, we will deepen the reform of toll road system, promote the reduction of the cost of passing bridges, and deal with unreasonable examination and approval of passenger and freight vehicles, arbitrary charges and arbitrary fines. Within two years, provincial toll stations across the country will be basically abolished to achieve speedy toll collection without stopping, reduce congestion and facilitate the masses. Abolish or reduce a number of railway and port charges.
                                              In terms of optimizing the business environment, the government work report also proposes that the reform of the approval system for construction projects should be carried out nationwide so as to greatly shorten the time for the whole process of approval. In terms of deepening reform in key areas, deepening reform in areas such as electricity, oil and gas, railways and so on, natural monopoly industries should separate network transportation according to the characteristics of different industries and push competitive business to the market in an all-round way.
                                              Reasonable Expansion of Effective Investment
                                              Appropriate Reduction of Capital Ratio of Infrastructure and Other Projects
                                              Investment will continue to play a key role and provide strong support for the smooth operation of the economy. The report on the work of the government pointed out that this year, effective investment will be rationally expanded, the national development strategy will be closely followed, and a number of key projects will be speeded up. We will complete 800 billion yuan of railway investment and 1.8 trillion yuan of highway and waterway investment, start a number of major water conservancy projects, speed up the planning and construction of Sichuan-Tibet Railway, increase investment in inter-city transportation, logistics, municipal administration, disaster prevention and control, civil and general aviation infrastructure, and strengthen the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure. This year, the central budget allocated 577.6 billion yuan for investment, an increase of 40 billion yuan over last year.
                                              At the same time, we will innovate project financing methods, properly reduce the proportion of capital in infrastructure and other projects, make good use of development financial instruments, and attract more private capital to participate in key areas of project construction. We will implement policies to support private investment and promote cooperation between the government and social capital in an orderly manner.
                                              In promoting the steady growth of consumption, rural circulation network will be improved to support the development of e-commerce and express delivery. We will stabilize automobile consumption and continue to implement preferential policies for the purchase of new energy vehicles.
                                              In 2018, China added 4,100 kilometers of new high-speed railway, 6,000 kilometers of new highway and more than 300,000 kilometers of rural highway, which played an important role in the coordinated development of urban and rural areas. In 2019, the development of transportation will continue to promote coordinated regional development and improve the quality of new urbanization. The government's work report proposes to implement the construction plan of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area, promote the convergence of rules and facilitate the flow of factors of production and personnel exchanges. The development of the Yangtze River Economic Zone should adhere to the coordination of the upper, middle and lower reaches, strengthen the ecological protection and restoration and the construction of comprehensive transportation system, and build a high-quality economic zone for development. We will accelerate the development of old revolutionary areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poor areas.
                                              In addition, the government work report also made plans for improving the parking lot in old urban areas, promoting the development of new energy vehicle industry, exploring the construction of free trade ports with Chinese characteristics, promoting the interconnection of infrastructure and sharing economic development.
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