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                                              Advanced Air Transportation Supply Chain Management System

                                              The focus of the two meetings on the freight industry!
                                              Published: 2019-6-11 9:59:12Author:SmartransRead:
                                              On the afternoon of March 3, the opening meeting of the second session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee was held in the Great Hall of the People, and China formally entered the "two sessions time".
                                              Delegates from all walks of life throughout the country and CPPCC members'proposals on express delivery, logistics and transportation industry, new energy vehicles and so on deserve our logistics people's attention.
                                              Ma Huateng, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman and CEO of Tencent's board of directors:
                                              We will improve labor laws and regulations related to new economies, new modes and new formats, such as the shared economy, actively explore the social security system for all, and expand the scope of protection to non-standard and informal employees in the new economy, such as part-time drivers, couriers and takeouts.
                                              Xu Guanju, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Chuanhua Group:
                                              We will vigorously develop producer services, especially the construction of logistics system, so as to improve efficiency and reduce costs for manufacturing enterprises, and inject new momentum into the high-quality development of the real economy. We hope to further create an atmosphere that attaches importance to the development of real economy and manufacturing industry.
                                              Zhang Jindong, deputy to the NPC and chairman of Suning Holding Group:
                                              It is suggested that smart logistics should be incorporated into the construction of new smart cities. In the top-level design of urban traffic planning, the impact of express logistics development on cities should be considered, and the formulation of the last kilometer logistics distribution norms should be promoted from the institutional level. Enterprises should be encouraged to increase investment in technology and R&D, and continue to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industries with intelligence; and enterprises should be encouraged to innovate the terminal distribution technology. Develop new energy vehicles and end-to-end distribution unmanned vehicles, solve the security and cost problems of the last kilometer distribution, and form a multi-level distribution network.
                                              On the surface, this is the observation, thinking and promotion of the industry by the leading enterprises of intelligent logistics. The modern technology of science and technology, intellectualization and greening is accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, encouraging enterprises to increase investment in technology and R&D, and continuously exploring and optimizing terminal distribution solutions, which is the general trend of the industry development.
                                              Shi Yudong, deputy to the National People's Congress and representative of the Mengniu Group of "80 Generations":
                                              At present, domestic dairy industry generally exists raw milk production efficiency is not high as a whole, storage and transportation logistics links are still imperfect, to a certain extent, restricting the development of the industry. Suggestions are made to improve the level of supply chain management in a multi-step way, starting with strengthening top-level design, promoting cold chain construction, optimizing breeding subsidies, developing supply chain finance and increasing investment in scientific research and innovation, so as to promote the high-quality development of dairy industry.
                                              Representatives of the National People's Congress and mail receivers of the Shanghai Post District Central Bureau of China Post Group Co., Ltd. at the mail processing sub-center of Shanghai Railway Station, Chai Shengliang:
                                              We will vigorously promote the construction of convenient facilities at the end of delivery. Many deliverers reflect that high-end residential areas can not enter, and the old residential areas do not have a package cabinet. If the door-to-door delivery encounters users who are not at home, it can only be repeated delivery, which not only increases the delivery workload, but also delays the receiving time.
                                              Yin Tongyue, deputy of the National People's Congress and chairman of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.
                                              As all countries hope to achieve self driving vehicle production after 2020, how can China seize the status of the world leader in automatic driving? It is suggested that relevant laws, regulations and policies be formulated and promulgated by the state to support the development and application of autonomous operating system for intelligent vehicles, and to ensure public safety and national security from the basic operating system level of intelligent vehicles and user operating platforms.
                                              Li Shufu, deputy of the National People's Congress and chairman of Geely Holding Group, is the chairman of the National People's Congress.
                                              Promote methanol automobile and standardize automobile refitting. At present, China's automobile refitting industry still belongs to the gray zone of national policy and automobile industry, and the market is not standardized and controversial. It is suggested that laws and regulations on automobile refitting should be promulgated to clearly define the scope and limitations of various parts of automobile refitting, establish a unified standard for safety, quality and service of automobile refitting, establish a special quality inspection agency, establish a certification and registration mechanism for manufacturers and products of refitting products, and establish a clear supervision mechanism for software and hardware auditing and refitting services for refitting plants. And the scope of after-sales responsibility.
                                              Xu Heyi, member of the CPPCC National Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beiqi Group and chairman of the board of directors:
                                              Suggestions are made to give full play to the demonstration role of the promotion of new energy vehicles in key enterprises. By giving policy, we should guide large-scale vehicle and logistics operation platform enterprises, quickly replace traditional logistics vehicles with new energy logistics vehicles, give full play to the leading role of large-scale enterprises, and formulate new energy vehicle urban traffic rights policies superior to diesel vehicles. As soon as possible, we should formulate and promulgate special priority policies for new energy freight vehicles, such as opening the right of way, unlimited number, parking concessions, reduction and exemption of passing bridges, and encourage enterprises to purchase new energy freight vehicles.
                                              Establish a subsidy mechanism to encourage replacement and elimination of diesel trucks. With the decline of new energy vehicle purchase subsidy, the cost disadvantages of new energy vehicle purchase will appear. It is suggested that the subsidy mechanism of diesel vehicle replacement for new energy truck be formulated to encourage enterprise replacement.
                                              To formulate policies for replacing express tricycles. In view of restricting express tricycles and developing competitive products by manufacturing enterprises, it is proposed to introduce relevant supporting policies such as purchasing subsidies, operating subsidies, right of passage, parking fee reduction and exemption for replacement of new energy vehicles, so as to guide express tricycles to withdraw from express delivery.
                                              To formulate a subsidy policy for the operation of new energy logistics vehicles. In view of the use of new energy logistics vehicles by logistics express enterprises, the operation subsidy policy is formulated. According to the operation mileage, the mode of "total control, annual allocation" is adopted to encourage logistics express enterprises to use new energy logistics vehicles.
                                              Member of CPPCC National Committee and Chief Engineer of Beijing Ershang Group Co., Ltd.
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